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Jewellery Remodelling

Most people own some form of jewellery. Whether it is a piece that was once given by a loved-one, or items that have been handed down over the years by relatives, sometimes you no longer wish to wear them in their existing form.

The offer to part with your precious jewellery, for quick and easy money, very rarely gives you anywhere near the true value of the items that you possess. And most people who agree to part with their items, no-doubt purchase more jewellery in the future, at a vastly inflated cost.

If you simply don't feel that you are being offered the options that are available to you, we can help by talking you through the process of re-imagining and re-designing your jewellery in a way that might be more appealing to you.

Re-imagining your jewellery

All original items are treated with respect, to understand which patterns or stones you wish to be included into the newly modelled piece. Any images that may have caught your eye in magazines, or on the Internet, can always help to explain more clearly what you have in mind. We can then explain the manufacturing process that will be involved to help turn your ideas in to reality.

Try to remain as open minded as possible. Do not let your ideas be limited purely by the amount of gold that you have available, or the size or number of stones in your possession. We hope that during our discussions, you will feel free enough to discuss any thoughts, concerns or hopes that you may have, of how you wish the final piece to look. It will always be our aim to offer to manufacture an item for you, which we feel you will be proud to wear and show off to others.

Before remodelling:

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After remodelling:

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